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I used to listen to this video from Steven Luzern ( ) titled "Fastest SELF HYPNOSIS technique ever devised - try it and see!" many years ago. But I was also using a rain sounds app at the same time (this app: ) and the app was adding some piano song (when choosing "rain on leaves" sound) (that song: Smoother Move by Kevin MacLeod: ).

The funny thing however, is that in the Steven Luzern video there was some flute also, and the flute from the Luzern video mixed in a weird way with the piano song from the app! Sometimes being in the same tonality, but the piano song modulated and created all kinds of wicked harmonies! I always thought I needed to record this new unique song that is so interesting (and that no one else ever heard besides me).

A few years later (now) while motivated to create some healing and meditational or effect music tracks, I decided to try to recreate this "unique sound" that I accidentally created back then.

I retrieved the Steven Luzern video and the app. Mixed them together. To make things sound even better I found the actual song that was in the Rain sounds app (the MacLeod song) and also I even retrieved the actual original flute track in the Luzern video (thanks to the video giving credits which helped me find it, "Flutes by Kerri", not a whole lot of information but I was actually able to find that flute track on the Freesound website, which I regularily use to find all kind of sound effects for my tracks ;) Flute, haunted_canyon_flute.mp3 by Kerry: ).

So I replaced the Piano from the app with the actual MacLeod track, put some better rain sounds in there. I couldn't remove the original flute from the Luzern video cuz I needed it for Luzern voice, but I added it on top to make it louder and better mixed. I also added a few extra effects like some thunder in the beginning, some extra waves (there were already some in the Luzern track but I wanted a bit more...) and I even threw in there some Binaural beats to make sure you get in maximal trance :) And there you go. I can finally share this unique song with the world. ....And I even created some psychedelic video to go with it :D

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