Dollar Vigilante - 6 Feb 2022 - Rage Against The Vaxxine: Night Of The Long Honks (Part II)

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) (February 14th, Virtual and In person options)

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Acapulco Christmas An Orphanage An Earthship & Lifeguard Duty:
TRUCK STOP TO FREEDOM (by Chris Harrigan of Tip To to Tyranny):
“We’ve Got COVID” – Towing Companies in Canada Turn Down Requests from Police and Mayor to Haul Away Trucks:
The government of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia has issued a decree making it illegal to donate or participate in the trucker’s freedom convoy: \
Dude Set Himself On Fire In Protest After Losing Job To Vax Mandates:
Freedom truckers playing hockey:
The People Trudeau calls terrorists cleaning up the town:
And clearing up the sidewalks for the elderly:
Police bringing out boxes of hot food for truckers:
'Sound the alarm': National debt hits $30 trillion as economists warn of impact for Americans:

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